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General Information

All of The International Cozy Inn featured room pictures, room descriptions, general information and business policies have been custom designed and copyrighted by Outrageous Designz specifically for The International Cozy Inn.

We DO NOT honor hourly stays...OR 1 NIGHT ONLY. Please call or email ONLY if you would like to stay for a minimum of 1night or MORE!!!

If you reduce the number of days on your reservation during peek season / holiday travel, you are responsible for 100% of your reservation. During non-peek travel, you would be responsible for 25% of each day reduced, and all discounted rates are void. 


Check in time starts at 2:30 pm-10:00pm. If you will be arriving after 10pm please notify us ahead of time with your estimated arrival time.

Starting at 12am a $25 fee will be applied. Starting 1am a $35 fee will be applied..2am and beyond a $50 fee will be applied.

If you have not provided an estimated arrival time there could be a wait of 1-2 hrs at your arrival.

If there are any unforeseen delays or issues in a suite the day of your arrival we reserve the right to have a courtesy hour for room preparation.

If you will be leaving very early in the morning prior to check out time preparations must be made the night before with Ramona/ Michelle.

(If your flight arrives early you are welcome to drop your luggage at the inn prior to check in starting at 10:00 am ONLY) if you leave your luggage prior to 10:00am a fee will be applied


Check out is at 11:00 am sharp

You will be charged $25 for each additional half hour and the full day if you remain in the unit after the agreed time.

If you arrive in the early am prior to the arrival time and a guest room must be opened for your early arrival, or an unreserved additional room has to be opened for your early arrival this unreserved guest room will be added to your reservation total price and you will incur an additional charge starting at $75 or equivalent to half a day stay.


Late departure luggage hold is $5 per hour or $25 for the whole day. Over 6 pieces of luggage/ additional packages, boxes, shopping bags, hand bags or any items that exceed a 10 x 10 size will incur and additional fee of $10-$15 dollars.


We are not responsible for luggage lost by the airport. If your lost luggage arrives at the inn after hours through the middle of the night  you will be subject to pay a courtesy charge of $25


As stated on all email correspondence:


We require the total remaining balance of your room and the refundable security at arrival.


Your total balance & $150 refundable security is due at arrival (CASH /TRAVELERS CHE-QUES ONLY) We do not accept payments via credit cards at arrival.


Cash, pay-pal, travelers checks, certified bank checks, money orders, major credit cards excluding American Express, travelers checks, money orders/ certified bank checks must be payable to The International Cozy Inn.


Additional Taxes will be applied with all pricing

We are not responsible for processing fees or international fees applied.


Please BESURE you would like to reserve a room at The International Cozy Inn (ICI248). All room deposits are non refundable to reserve your room.

The BESURE POLICY is very important to our company as well as our potential guest(s) to exclude any misunderstandings. This BESURE POLICY states:

Please be sure you would like to reserve a room at ICI248. All room deposits are non refundable to reserve your room.

Therefore once a deposit is sent by the potential guest(s) it is understood by both parties that you the potential guest(s) and The International Cozy Inn have agreed and understand that the BESURE POLICY has been read and agreed upon and there will be no refund.The policy is indicated on the website as well as email correspondence to you prior to reserving a suite.

To avoid any cancellation or penalty fee please BESURE to review the cancellation policy 30 days prior to your arrival.


Which means...We will not enter and clean your room everyday and change your bed linens/ towels everyday after your arrival, but we assure you upon arrival you are guaranteed a sterilized, clean and organized room with all the amenities that you will need to make your stay successful. We may not be able to comply to all request but we are here to serve you and if you need something...PLEASE....PLEASE....PLEASE LET US KNOW!


We provide towels every 4 days or requested upon emergency. We provide bed linen every 5-6 days if you will be staying 10 days or more but you can request bed linen/ if you feel the need to change your bed linen before that time due to an emergency....IT IS NOT A PROBLEM we love what we do and we will be happy to meet your needs.


These are private units rented out to families and travelers with the understanding that these rooms will be kept in order and in tact as they were when you arrived....meaning:


The rooms should not be overcrowded with boxes, bags, luggage, trash, bikes or additional excess items as well as excess visitors. If this is the case it falls underneath a direct violation with the New York City fire department which is subject to a fine to our hotel and will be carried over to our guest. Instead of subjecting ourselves to a fine I have the right as the owner to ask any and all visitors to vacate the room permanently as it is a violation and a threat to my property.


You are directly responsible for any packages, boxes and garbage that exceeds the top of the garbage cans that are placed in your units. Therefore you are responsible for bringing your excess garbage down and disposing it in a garbage disposal area as we will instruct you.


If you are relocating this is NOT the place for you to store your luggage. Each person is allowed 2-3 pieces of average size luggage per visitor in our beautifully decorated rooms. NO BOXES/ NO PERSONAL FURNITURE ALLOWED in our units. Your luggage must be limited to 2-3 pieces. Over that limit you will be charged a surcharge or refused access to the unit.


If you are expecting deliveries of boxes. strollers, bikes etc they must be no bigger then a carry on suitcase or bag that you would normally use for airplane. No baby carriages or bikes allowed in our rooms.


The International Cozy inn can be described as a family inn/ lodge for a short temporary stay. We are not considered a hotel but we provide amenities to make you feel as if you are in a New York home environment. Please consider us a temporary home away from home.


One night stays are not apart of our regular reservation format but we may offer them as part of our special discounted specials periodically. We have a minimum of 3 nights stay.


Every person in the room counts towards the occupancy. All children must be at least 8 years old to occupy the room. Child friendly rooms are limited. Please, email for additional information.



The International Cozy Inn prohibits the use of photography, photo shoots, video, filming or social media streaming anywhere on premise.  Unauthorized photography, videotaping, recording, broadcasting or transmission of any kind of media is not allowed. To make arrangements please contact the hotel directly.


To all visitors/ additional parties residing in the units that:


Do not have a reservation in the guest(s) units. Have not signed their signature on the receipt agreement for that unit

Have not paid an additional 3rd party fee to reside in that unit.... must leave the guest(s) room they are visiting between 9-10pm each night otherwise they will be considered an additional guest and will be required to pay an additional $50 fee per person/ per night.


If your room has been established as 1 party entering starting from the date of your arrival the agreement that you signed must be respected as a single occupancy unit. The agreement is void if you decide to allow an additional person to stay in that unit as you originally signed for 1 single occupant....therefore a new agreement must be signed as well additional prices for all other parties will be applied .


NEVER -EVER: Use candles or fire of any sort on the premises.

There is absolutely NO SMOKING 

or CANDLES allowed in the units or in the building premises.


NEVER -EVERUse tape/ Nails/ Adhesive/ Hang/Pull/ Apply any article of any sort to our walls, tables, pipes, ceilings, windows, drapes, appliances or any other furnishings in our units.


NEVER -EVER: Move/ Re-Arrange/ Drag the furniture, beds, couches, tables, flowers, vases, television, mirrors, frames, microwave, coffee machine etc. If at anytime anything needs to be re-arranged or re-placed ONLY Management is authorized to handle this situation. 


NEVER -EVER: Place any items/articles on top of the the bed such as: luggage/ bags/coats/ garments/computer devices/food/ flower petals/candles/ tape/ personal items such as pillows, linen and blankets brought from outside.


DAMAGES: We reserve the rights to obtain the full cost for such damages to the fixtures, fitting, furnishes or any items that belong to The International Cozy Inn done or caused by the said guest



This fee is applied to all units after departure to have the units cleaned and sanitized.

Please remove all decorative top covers and pillows from the bed for sanitizing protection. In exchange we have many bed covers and pillows to be replaced in your nearby closet.

Please do not touch the windows. This means the shades the window blinds, curtains or the glass window. The window must be opened or closed by housekeeping or management only. Improper unsafely handling of the shades or blinds may result in damaging our wooden balances. If it is handled improperly This may result in causing damages to the item such as curtains, window balances, window or to the inexperienced handler. We are not responsible for improper handing or the results it may cause to the handler.


Please respect our specific disclaimer policy otherwise your refundable security deposit will be deducted!

Only 1 discount can be honored at a time. All discounts are valid if booked directly through The International Cozy Inn only! All discounts are void on major holidays!


This fee is applied to all units after departure to have the units cleaned and sanitized.



All rooms are wi-fi ready.


All rooms include: air conditioning, ceiling fans, fully equipped, modern kitchenette, eating area inside rooms, coffee/ tea facilities, toasters, ovens, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, alarm clocks, iron board, high definition televisions, private bathrooms, shared bathrooms, towels/ wash clothes/ hand towels, special body soaps, jacuzzi, showers, bathtubs, high ceilings, wooden floors, silk pillows, pillow top bedding, couches, high count linen, wireless internet, hair dryers, special hair towels for dye.


Regarding Air-conditioning:

We have an air- conditioner that is always stationed in each room which is located less then a foot below the window. This air-conditioner is installed in every window in our hotel between the 15th-30th of May with the exception that the weather is above 70-80 degrees consistently before the dates mentioned, but to ensure that our rooms meet the requirements that are suitable for our guest a cooling comfort level our units are equipped with 50- 57" ceiling fan blades and a 90" x 42" window that is accessible for additional cooling and fresh air to flow through. We are a landmark building which is designed for this purpose to exist without air-conditioners although we do install air-conditioners.

All air-conditioners are to be removed from all units by october 15 or when the temperature is consistently at 50 degrees or below.     

*We do not serve breakfast....but the great news is that we have wonderful cooking facilities available in your unit no matter the size. All units come fully equipped with coffee machines, tea kettles, toasters, blenders, stainless steel pots/ silver ware, cooking burners and toaster ovens. Just imagine how much money you will save. We also have great additional food options available to deliver near the inn. Plus, there are a variety of restaurants and cafes' located near The International Cozy Inn



Please be sure to look through the unit thoroughly on the day of your departure to ensure that no items have been left behind. Once you have departed from the unit we are not responsible for any items left behind, lost or forgotten. If any items need to be shipped to your home from The International Cozy Inn the cost will start from $20 -$75 depending on the weight specifications/ location of the shipment. You can also send a pre-paid self addressed envelope/ package to have your belongings shipped to you. There will be an additional fee for our services for wrapping and delivering the packages to The United States Postal Service.


If a reservation is cancelled 14 days prior to your arrival date you will be charged a 30% cancellation fee of the total balance. If a reservation is cancelled 7 days prior to the arrival date you will be charged a 60% cancellation fee of the total balance. If a reservation is cancelled the same date of arrival you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee of the total balance. If a reservation is cancelled prior to arrival for dates during a holiday you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee of the total balance.If you arrive and change the number of nights or guests occupying the suite of the reserved date requested you would be subject to pay the total balance.


If you reduce the number of days on your reservation during peek season / holiday travel, you are responsible for 100% of your reservation. During non-peek travel, you would be responsible for 25% of each day reduced, and all discounted rates are void. 

*With all cancellations/ nightly room reductions: All discounts given for that unit become void and you will have to pay the original full price of the room.


For all temporary stay guests 1 month or ore only the name(s) of the guest(s) listed will be allowed for the temporary stay. There is an additional fee/ per night for all additional parties. Your agreement will become void at once if for any reason you have  other guest/ visitors residing in the unit and you will be asked to leave and pay  fee for additional guest(s). The agreement is for 1 month. If you change the number of nights or stay less then 1 month this temporary agreement becomes void and you will have to pay the daily rate for all stays less then 1 month.


CONCERNING YOUR BILL UPON ARRIVAL: All bills should be paid in full upon arrival. If your bill or balance is not paid in full after 24 hours of your arrival you will be asked to vacate the premises and the above stated may occur.


The International Cozy Inn strives to maintain a peaceful environment for all guests. Please be mindful of other guests and keep noise level to a minimum. If there is a noise complaint from other guests, you will be issued a warning. If there is a second noise complaint, you will be asked to leave the premises.

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